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Action Learning For Innovation Project

At the beginning of 2016 Holsworthy High School was selected to participate in an Action Learning Research Project in partnership with the Western Sydney University. The project focus, on improving student extended written responses in Stage 4, was refined and applied across three key learning areas (English, HSIE and PDHPE). The leadership team designed a writing model, generic writing criteria and explicit teaching strategies that were implemented over a twelve-month period.

The process development involved extensive consideration of current research and the critical evaluation of a prototype which was designed to trial the project. A wide range of pre-and post data was used to evaluate the impact of the main project on student learning outcomes in extended writing.

The interventions used during the project were seen to have a positive impact upon student writing within the targeted group and evidence also suggested growth in teacher capacity to explicitly teach writing across KLA's using a common language and approach. This action research project was showcased on a regional level as an exemplar for ‘Action Learning for Innovation'.

Throughout 2017 Holsworthy High will continuing to build upon the success of this project, scaling and embedding interventions on a whole school level across stages.



Throughout Term 3 Year 8 Health classes will be working on an exciting cross KLA project utilising Project Based Learning or PBL. The project is designed to motivate students to gain knowledge, apply it to a rea- world issues and remember it longer. Students will also learn skills in PBL such as how to think critically, solve problems, work in teams and deliver presentations.

The unit of work ‘Healthy How' lasts approximately ten weeks (1 Term). During this time, students will undergo extensive research into the components of a healthy lifestyle, factors affecting health, exercise and nutrition guidelines, the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle and the consequences of leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

Students will work in a team, guided by their classroom teachers to develop knowledge and understanding of the Driving Question, ‘Are sedentary behaviours and the consumption of processed foods the smoking of our generation?' They will be taught research skills, interview community members (including content experts) and be carefully scaffolded in extended writing and the preparation of an oral and written presentation to a panel of experts.

A celebration of their learning will occur in Week 10 of Term 3 when students will, in groups, present their solution to this real-world problem to a panel of experts including high achieving ex-students, senior executive and classroom teachers. A sample of students work will be available for parents to view at our annual Enrichment Expo in December 2017.