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Technology (BYOD)

From 2009, the Federal Government funded the Digital Education Revolution (DER). The program was designed to provide all Year 9 to 12 students with a laptop computer for their individual use. The funding for this program ended in 2013.

Holsworthy High School will transition to a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy recommended by the Department of Education and Communities (DEC). Our school policy can be found at

 HHS BYOD Policy (pdf 66 KB)

Students may bring in their own device from home (e.g. Laptop, tablet,iPad) but it must be able to connect to the school 5GHz wireless network. Please consider the device recommendations at 

 HHS BYOD DeviceRecommendat (pdf 97 KB)

A completed and signed User Charter must be received by the school before your child is permitted to use the device at school

HHS BYOD Charter (pdf 50 KB)


Electronic communication can be a powerful tool to facilitate and enhance learning, as well as build connected communities. Online education for students and staff, however, carries various responsibilities. Please consider the following advice.

  • Students are responsible for their online behaviour
  • Behaviour or language that is not appropriate in a school or classroom setting is also not appropriate in a shared online setting created for Holsworthy High School student learning.
  • Unacceptable posts include comments that:                                                                                                      *   are deemed racist, sexist, abusive, profane, violent or obscene                                                                  *  advocate illegal activity                                                                                                                                      *  are inappropriate and off-topic                                                                                                                          *  incite, threaten or make personal character attack                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Unacceptable posts will be dealt with according to the school discipline code.